Flours for Industry

Our offer for the food industry is based on three fundamental pillars.

Variety and Expertise

Through our modern mills and our vast experience we are able to satisfy every request coming from the food industry, listening to their needs and providing solutions. To date, we have already developed more than 300 different types of flour responding to various specific requests.

Quality and Safety

The certifications we have achieved, the standards we respect every day, our experience and our principles are solid guarantees.

Our laboratories also constantly measure what we are producing by providing certificates of analysis accompanying each batch of flour for the customer.

Reliability and Logistics

With a production capacity of 700 ton/24h we are able to deliver large quantities of flour in a short time and satisfy every customer’s needs always respecting high standards of quality and consistency in the result.

Using our fleet of tankers we deliver quickly and with great flexibility throughout Italy.

Flour Selection Denti

A range of flour “type 0” and “00”, precisely developed for each specific home use