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Soft wheat millers
for three generations.

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To each professional
his own flour

Since 1955, we have been committed to offering you the widest range of flours especially designed for pastry, bread, pizza and fresh pasta making.

Denti farine pasticceria home

Flours for pastry-making

Professional flours designed to ensure versatility and the highest quality result

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Denti farine panetteria home

Flours for bread-making

Professional flours designed to ensure fluffiness and fragrance for traditional and more refined breads

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Pizza da Molino Denti

Flours for pizzas

Professional flours designed to give flavour and personality to every type of pizza

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Denti farine pasta fresca home

Flours for fresh pasta

Flours that guarantee excellent workmanship and outstanding baking properties

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Denti Lab

Do you need tailor-made support for your business?

Molino Denti Lab For You is our consulting and training formula built around your needs. Our technicians will provide you with the specialised training support you need to optimise your production processes and improve your range.

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A new taste experience with slow roasting

a line of professional flours designed for creations full of personality; the artisanal roasting of the wheat germ and other parts of the grain is designed to give your preparations a unique fragrance, a 100% natural STRONG taste and exquisite nutritional properties.


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