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«After nursery, we would go to the mill and I would spend my afternoons with my grandmother there in the tiny office on the second floor. I watched the company grow with me. This is my home.»

Letizia in Molino Denti


without ever changing

In an increasingly globalised and rapidly changing world, the fact that we have remained a family business could be seen as a weakness, a limit that prevents us from accepting change. 

We do not think so. Ours is a choice: to keep our identity, our nature and our values intact.

This choice, carried over to our work, ensures that we put in more effort, because every company milestone is first and foremost an achievement to be proud of as a family.

Molino Denti sacco Infibra Viva

«When I was five years old, my Dad would leave the house at three in the morning with my grandfather to go and sell flour. I have always admired their strength and dedication to their work, and I can see the principles of the upbringing they gave me reflected in the company».

Laboratorio Molino Denti

The pathway 
of improvement

Working with food means taking care of people's well-being: an important responsibility that we have decided to rank first among our objectives.

At the heart of it all there is scientific research, which aims to find ever more sustainable, innovative and better solutions for health.

We are not alone in this difficult but exciting task: we are supported by universities and research centres, which provide the knowledge and tools we need to verify the quality and effectiveness of our flours from a nutritional point of view.

Offering vital support for the future of the industry and for everyone’s safety.

Letizia su silos Molino Denti

«I like this job because we have the opportunity to intervene in so many areas, touching various aspects of people's daily lives. We are not just producing flour, we are producing culture».


Generazioni Molino Denti con sacco farina Infibra viva

What must never 
be lacking

Even seen from the inside, we are a somewhat peculiar company. Each department is not led by a manager, but by a family member: Ermanno, Sabrina, Alberto, Alan and Fabio.

In this way, we are also able to pass on our passion to all our collaborators, sharing our experience and making them share in our goals and satisfactions.

There is dialogue between us, we openly discuss everything, help and respect one another. If you were to take all this away the most important part of what we do would be missing: the heart.

The secret that makes us unique.

Esterno silos stabilimento Molino Denti

«I am the oldest of five grandchildren and the first one to join the company. I am beginning to put into practice everything I have been taught and I am looking forward to doing my part. My journey starts from here».