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«I was born and raised inside a mill. I remind my father, my mother and my brothers and sisters: we have always decided what to do together, because this is not just a job for us.»

Sabrina in Molino Denti


Close to
our community

The LAB is our brain, a modern multifunctional space dedicated to experimentation and training, inside the Vicofertile mill. 

Here we organise courses for professionals to teach them how to exploit the full potential of our flours and improve their offerings. 

In addition, our technicians are available to anyone wishing to organise customised courses on particular preparations or on technical or entrepreneurial aspects related to their business. 

And for all those who do not have the opportunity to meet us in person, there is our YouTube channel: lots of video recipes with ideas, hints and tips for bakers, pastry chefs, pizza makers and restaurateurs, starring the Molino Denti flours.

Sabrina e Sandra al Denti Lab con sacchi Infibra

«In any recipe, if you change the flour, everything changes. On one hand, our task is to create new flours; on the other, it is to teach professionals how to use them as effectively as possible to make the most of their products».

Produzione pasta fresca in Molino Denti

to share

We have always chosen to communicate actively, favouring the development of shared projects and encouraging collaborations with other entities.

With this in mind, several initiatives have arisen that link us to professional associations and events of international significance, in the bakery, pastry and pizzeria sectors.

Promoting products, for us, does not simply mean shining a spotlight on the brand and our flours: it means being present in the form of people in the field, telling the story of who we are, actively forging relationships and making ourselves useful, by exchanging valuable knowledge with others

Sabrina al Denti Lab

«We strive to create relationships with anyone who shares our values and way of working. And this is not just another way of promoting ourselves: it is a willingness to build and learn something new».



A heritage 
to be protected

Flour is culture and trades such as baking or pizza-making are part of our identity and traditions.

In order to ensure that they do not disappear, it is our responsibility to do our utmost to bring young people closer to our sector, also by talking about the many opportunities it offers in terms of employment.

This is what we do in schools, promoting courses and apprenticeships aimed at stimulating the interest of young people and promoting their placement in the world of employment.

Making bread is an art, and it is by recounting the beauty of this art that we will be able to protect it and pass it on to new generations.

«We must do everything to bring young people closer to the world of baking. We want them to rediscover the charm of this craft, because just as it has won us over, we are sure it will win over many others too».


Sacco farina Selezione Denti