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«Our father taught us from a young age what sacrifice is and that is what I am trying to teach my son. Our exceptional unity gives us strength. That is what we are: a family that transforms wheat.»

Alan in Molino Denti


Each flour has
a different story

A long time has passed since our flour was hand-mixed using shovels and everything depended on the miller's eye. 

Today we help ourselves with technology, because in addition to experience, our products require scientific precision to guarantee quality and safety for the consumer.

Instead of doing this with our flours, we prefer to blend the wheat before milling: a process that requires a different mill setting for each blend. 

This takes longer and requires more care and attention to detail. But given the results, it is a sacrifice we gladly make.

Alan nello stabilimento di Molino Denti

«We have our own recipe and based on this we mix different types of wheat to obtain the right blend. We do our blending beforehand, which is more difficult. But it pays off in the end».

ALAN denti
Passaggio della farina nello stabilimento Molino Denti

Where the wheat
is transformed

When we started and until the 1980s, there were mainly three types of flour: hard, soft and wholegrain.

Since then, the market has grown and diversified. And so have consumer tastes and needs.

Between our own lines and custom-made products, we now produce over 40 different types of flours, from traditional to more original and innovative ones.

The heart of our production is our two mills, in Borzano di Albinea (RE) and Vicofertile (PR), where all the wheat we select arrives and from which all our products, for professional and industrial use, leave.

Il grano tra le dita Alan Denti

«My father taught me many years ago how to tell when our wheat is ready to be milled. Before I even looking at the parameters of the machines, I get an idea myself like this, using touch». 

ALAN denti


To grow,

Every day, up to 700 tonnes of flour leave our mills. They are immediately stored and then packaged in various formats and packs and shipped to our customers in a very short time.

Then another journey begins, in which our customers’ opinions, comments and suggestions travel backwards to us.

Feedback that we turn into goals, in order to make our products better and better and to create new ones, catering for emerging trends and people's tastes. 

Because people are our most valuable ally. 

«Producing so many different flours is a lot of work, but it is the future and it is what people want. Thanks to our products, craftsmen have extra resources they can use to grow and attract new customers».

ALAN denti

Sacchi di farina Infibra nello stabilimento di Molino Denti