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«When I was a child we lived next to the mill. It was a small mill, grinding wheat day and night and we would take the flour to the local shops. It was only us, it was our life.»

Alberto in Molino Denti


One constant:

Wheat is a natural raw material and as such its quality depends on climate and other factors that cannot always be predicted.

In order to obtain the stability our flours need, we monitor the production internationally and evaluate the samples we receive from Italy and around the world through our trusted suppliers.

Thus, for each season, we select only the best crops with all the characteristics we need in terms of variety and protein.

The combination of these grains produces the blends that we mill to make our flours. Good flours with the same properties they have always had.

Alberto nello stabilimento di Molino Denti

«Choosing the grain is the first step. We have to study how the harvest is going from area to area, buy the best grains and mix them to get the quality we are looking for. And this is where the challenge lies: to make the same flour with different grains each time».

Il grano migliore di Molino Denti

Only the best grains
gets through

Every load that arrives at the mill is subjected to strict incoming checks before it is accepted.

First the goods are checked to ensure they are healthy, clean and have no bad odours. This way we can tell if the grain is old, of poor quality or has been badly stored.

We then use with an infrared tool to check that the raw material has the declared nutritional characteristics and a sample is taken to the laboratory for further examination.

All it takes is one minor non-conformity and the whole load is sent back to the supplier. We have a very scrupulous policy, but it is only by maintaining it that we can ensure that only the best grain enters the production cycle.

Il rumore di Molino Denti

«By simply listening to the noise it makes as it falls from the truck onto the metal grid I can tell whether it is good. If it 'falls easily', this means that it has not been wet and that it has the right level of dryness. And then I just have to look at it: if the grain is healthy, it looks good from top to bottom».


Test di produzione nel labopratorio di Molino Denti

You never stop

Before the grain reaches the mill, there is one more important thing to do.

For each supply already checked, we take a small quantity, clean it, soak it and leave it overnight.

The next day we grind it in a kind of mini mill, obtaining a sample of flour which we then study carefully, so that we know in advance whether it will live up to our and our customers' expectations.

We do this because we have made a commitment: to produce the best flour possible every single day.

Alberto con sacchi Linea Pasticceria Denti

«The fact that we started out when everything was still done by hand gives us a great advantage. Before we could get the flour you wanted, we had to try, fail and try again. This is how we learnt and the result repays us for all our efforts».