Quality and Certification

The key components of our quality system are as follows.

Making quality flours is for us a great responsibility.
We operate according to UNI EN ISO 22000: 2005 regulations for certified quality, and all of the processing steps follow the HACCP system for sanitation controls. We are certified for the production of organic flour, kosher meal seemed, QC Emilia Romagna.

Borzano and Vicofertile’s Laboratories of analysis.

Our two laboratories are equipped with the most innovative machines on the market to analyze the wheat, check the phases of grinding and all lots of flours before they are bagged and / or delivered to the customer. Analytical tests are also carried out by external laboratories recognized by the Region. We always carry out:

  • analysis on grain input
  • analysis of all lots of produced flours
  • routine microbiological analysis of drinking and annual microbiological water chemistry for potability

The production cycle.

The production cycle is fully automated: the entire mill is controlled by the computer management system which limits the human work in the control, the resolution of any faults and enables full traceability throughout the supply chain. All the systems are designed to work 24 hours a day, up to a maximum of 350 days per year. All operations are automated to reduce the risk of human errors and to avoid manipulations that could pollute qualitatively and hygienically products. Each operation is performed by processing lots so that it can be registered, each parameter for the traceability of products.



We garantee the treaceability of all batches of wheat and flour that we work. The encoding of the lots is carried out: for wheat input by the number of progressive acceptance, for the packed flour bulk and with the number of grinding, with the lot number on the bags.
All data is recorded and can be recalled at any time by the computer.

Raw materials.

Fundamental basis to achieve optimum component product such as flour are, of course, the raw materials. The Molino Denti directly controls the entire chain so that even the smallest step can not compromise the care taken in the process of transformation in order to obtain the finest quality flour. They are used predominantly Italian raw materials, purchased directly from farmers and selected national warehouses, mixed with precious foreign wheat from America, Canada, Australia, Germany, Austria